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5 steps to keep sane while on lockdown

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

I decided to write something that would help my fellow species during times like this.

*Just a reminder, I am no expert on mental health. The advices written on this blog is taken from my own experience and I am just sharing this to hopefully help or at least make someone feel a bit better.*

Since all of us are expected to stay at home except essential workers, our daily routine is all messed up. It causes mood changes and that ambivalent feeling of being ‘useless’ or ‘unproductive‘ which makes us ’non- compliant’ with social distancing or a bit depressed.

So, how can we keep ourselves and our minds at check while indoors?

5 steps to keep sane during a lockdown

1. Wake up the same time as you would before the lockdown.

Wake up the same time, brush your teeth, take a shower, exercise, eat some breakfast and so on. This helps your body go back to its routine and make you feel more productive during the day.

2. Exercise. Meditate. Deep breathing

Nothing could make you feel more awake and productive than a good old ‘cardio’. Exercise, according to HSE reduces stress and improves energy levels. I attached a link here for you guys to have a read.


If you are jogging outside, just keep in mind ’social distancing’ because its the only thing that can quickly get us out of this mayhem.

Check out prevention guidelines from the experts.


3. Eat healthy. Keep hydrated.

This is, I think, one of the most important point here. We need to eat healthy to boost our immune systems to fight those viruses. Prepare your meals. Eat fruits and vegetables. Drink water.

I understand how tempting it is to just order food but please try. There’s no rush anyways, so take your time, plan and prepare your meals.

Here are some easy and healthy recipes you can prepare while on isolation.


4. Revisit old hobbies. Learn new things.

Before the pandemic, I was felling weighed down by all my school assignments and projects. Thankfully, schools were suspended, and I was finally able to breathe a bit and relax.

It is helpful, for me specially, to think of this as a break and a chill time. A spare time to revisit old hobbies that you set aside for work or school or even explore and learn new things (like learning how to blog).

Plants would help a lot as well and it is the perfect time to start planting. Finally, you would be able to prune your bushy pot.

Here is a link to my propagation blog. This is not advertising ;) just sharing.


5. Do something fun

To keep our spirits up, I think it is helpful to keep in contact digitally with friends and families ( if you are bot in isolation with them).

There are apps like Google Hangouts and Houseparty where you can chat with friends and even play games while on a call.

Another idea is to watch movies and series. It’s the perfect time to catch up on Mandalorian and be captivated by baby yoda’s charms.

If you get tired of too much screen time, you can play cards with your ‘isolation buddy’.

These are just some of the things I’ve been doing while on isolation and so far, I am enjoying it.

Remember to always keep a positive attitude because we can all get through this. Just keep washing your hands and practice social distancing.

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