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How to grow tomatoes from grocery tomatoes

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Hello and welcome to my blog.

Another day, another veggie to grow. Actually, the most commonly consumed part is classified as a fruit.

Today, I will share how I grew my tomato from grocery stocks.

Solanum lycopersicum, commonly known as tomato plant was first discovered by Cortez in 1518 in Latin America. Since then it has grown its popularity and is a staple vegetable/fruit in our kitchens. It is also a good source of Vit. A, C and Iron. It also contains lycopene, which is a powerful antioxidant (Therapeutic Research Faculty,2018). I personally think it would be handy to learn how to grow this nutritious fruit.

Below is my freshly washed tomato I got from the supermarket.

I was gonna cook it for lunch. I collected the seeds and dried the others, while the rest I directly sown on a pot filled with watered compost. (I tried both methods to see for myself if it is really necessary to dry out the seeds before sowing them.

I think you should just remove the fleshy coating from the seed to prevent rotting.

Here is my dried tomato seeds. I dried them on my windowsill for a day, then sowed them on the next day.

I sowed the seeds on a pot (with drainage) filled with watered compost.

After sowing the seeds on the surface, I covered it with very thin layer of compost.

After that, I covered the pot with cling film, secured to the rim and punched with holes.

I then left it by the windowsill and watered it every two days.


I already noticed sprouts from my first tomato pot. I took off the cling film and watered it. I was going to water it and that is when I noticed the sprout. (I have a schedule for watering my homegrown veggies and succulents.)

The pot on the left is POT A (seeds were dried for a day), while the one on the right is POT B (directly sown seeds). Pot A is starting to show some growths so, maybe tomorrow, I will take off the cling film. They both germinated within 7 days, so I can conclude that as long as the right amount of moisture is provided, tomato seeds will germinate (not fussy at all).

I put cling film on to preserve moisture and to keep the seeds moisturized to aid germination. Seeds are naturally dried and usually just contains 5% amount of water, so to break germination, we need to hydrate the seeds.

I will observe them further, keep them on my windowsill and update this blog once they have grown and when I get my first harvest. And, also if you'd like to grow other veggies check my other blogs for growing potatoes, bell peppers and onions.


My tomatoes have grown and had been repotted twice. I think it is best to start with a big pot. I water them 2-3/week and feed them every other week. It started flowering in July and now it has 11 fruits. I am still waiting for it to grow and ripen. This blog will be updated once it is ready for harvest.

Picture taken on 24/08/2020

Also, I have been using a phosphorus rich fertiliser and so far, there have been no major issue about electrolyte imbalance at the moment.

See you guys then.


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