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How to transplant succulent offsets

Succulent plants are getting more attention these days. It can be bought anywhere from garden centers, supermarkets and online shops for a reasonable price. But you can actually just propagate them yourself to increase your collection.

This is an Echeveria 'Pollux'

There are a lot of ways to propagate a succulent. On my previous blogs, I talked about propagating succulents by cuttings and today, I am going to share how I propagated my succulent using its offsets.

Offsets are the tiny growths you can find from the main stem or base of the mother succulent or from its leaves. They are like 'pups' or new leaf buds if compared to other plants.

This is my Echeveria setosa 'Fuzzy'.

This is my Mexican Firecracker (Echeveria setosa 'Fuzzy') and it has 2 offsets (I know, it doesn't look so well, so I transplanted the offset and repotted the mother plant in a bigger pot.) I took the biggest one by taking my succulent off the pot then loosened the soil surrounding the offset.

Move the succulent sideways, gently until it comes off or you can use a clean, sharp knife.

Let it callus, I think for 3-5 days (depends on how big the offset is) then put it hovering on water. (Check how I did water propagation). Some actually just sticks the offsets on a free-draining soil (succulent potting mix) and it roots. I didn't do it straight away because I was not that confident yet, so I just let it callus first and water propagate until it developed roots.

That was the little offset that I took after 20 days of water propagation.

This is his new pot with succulent potting mix with seramis. I didn't have pebbles or vermiculite at the time that is why it doesn't have top dressing but I would put one in the future.

This is the offset on its new pot.

It is doing well and developed more roots.

I now have 2 Echeveria setosa 'Fuzzy' and I am currently propagating more succulents.

Stay tuned for more succulent updates, maintenance and propagation tips.


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