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Plant Journal: How I planted my baby succulents I bought online

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

When the lockdown started, I decided to grow my succulent collection. I started looking online for some species that was on my wishlist (Haworthias and Greenovias are the top). I checked for local shops and overseas but unfortunately, there is not much options locally (Dublin) and definitely can't find any rare ones here. I found some in Etsy and I ordered from Uplicot. (not a paid advertisement). It is an online shop based on the UK so , I thought, the plants won't travel too far. I ordered a Haworthia mirabilis baby plant, Zebra plant (Haworthia fasciata 'Alba') baby plant, Plover eggs plant (Adromischus cooperi) baby plant and a Burro's tail (Sedum morganianum 'Burrito') cuttings.

The delivery was a bit delayed but it was understandable because of the lockdown. They were well packed and arrived in good condition considering the fact that they were inside the box for 5 days.

I unpacked them carefully and inspected the plant just to make sure there's no pests. You can also see in the picture that there are no soil on the roots (even the ones that are covered with kitchen towel are soil-less).

I then prepared the pot and the soil. I used one-part vermiculite and one-part succulent potting mix.

I filled a small pot with the soil mixture and then made a whole in the middle. I inserted the plant and covered the roots with more soil. Do not firm it too much, just keep the soil loose. Over firming the soil will cause compaction and restrict root growth.

After planting, I did not water the plants, instead I placed them on a sunny spot and keep them under a grow light at night. If you have read some of my blogs about my succulent plants, you'd probably know why I don't water immediately after repotting. The reason is because I am not sure when was the last time they were watered and overwatering will cause root. Based on my experience, succulents would more likely die from overwatering than dehydration.

Here are my baby succulents on their new pot.

Haworthia fasciata 'Alba'

Plover eggs plant (Adromischus cooperi)

Burro's tail (Sedum morganianum 'Burrito')

Haworthia mirabilis

The Haworthia mirabilis and the plover egg plant was a bit wrinkly which means they are dry, but like I said, I still did not water them immediately after potting.

I observed them for 2days and then started watering them. I watered them by putting the pot inside a saucer filled with clean water and let it sit for 3-5 mins, then let it drain. I also kept them under the grow light for 3 nights.

Update: Day 19

After 19 days, this is how my new plans look like.

The Haworthia mirabilis is not as wrinkly. It also grew more roots. (I dugged it out and checked the roots, sorry I was not able to take a picture of the new roots.) It also turned a bit browner after 3 nights of grow light, so I stopped the grow light sessions. I read that the mirabilis turns reddish brown in full sun.

The zebra plant looks better as well. It is opening and growing new shoots in the middle.

The plover egg plant is also way better looking. The wrinkles are completely gone and it is getting bigger.

The Burro's tail is also getting bigger and the little leaf that fell from its stem (due to my rough handling), has developed roots as well.

I only watered them twice in 19 days and they are growing well. I am so happy that they established well because this is my first time buying a succulent cuttings or baby plant online.

Stay tuned for more updates .

Enjoy growing.


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