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Plant Journal: Tradescantia 'Pink Joy', Scindapsus aureus and Aphelandra dania botanica

I recently purchased 3 houseplants from Urban Plant Life in Dublin that I ordered online and I picked up from store. I was thinking that it is better that way to observe social distancing and to somehow limit my purchase. When we arrived, I can't help to go in and take a look around. I actually regretted it, because I would've preferred to pick my own plants rather than have them pick it out for me. Lesson learned! So, for next time, I would go to the garden center myself and pick my plants.

Anyhow, I got awesome plants and a new tray of sempervivums which I would talk about in the coming days.

The plants I got are below. Pictures where taken the moment we got home.

Wandering Jew (Tradescantia 'Pink Joy')

Scindapsus aureus

Zebra plant (Aphelandra dania 'Botanica')

After the photoshoot, I repotted them and cleaned the leaves. I found a couple of bugs as well, a ladybug and a centipede-like worm (sorry, not well versed with worms).

The plants were also pot bound.

After inspecting the plant, I prepared the growing medium and the pot.

For my new houseplants, I used a mixture of one-part compost soil (John Innes) and one-part vermiculite (maybe a bit more vermiculite).

I filled the a pot with drainage hole and inserted the plant in.

I then watered them by soaking the pot on a saucer filled with lukewarm water and then I let them drain.

I also let the Scindapsus get more sun to improve the color (I want more variegation) while the Wandering Jew and the Zebra plant are both kept in the shelf.

I will update this blog in 3 moths and show you how they've grown.

Stay tuned and check my other plant journals and blogs.


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