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Plant Journal: Variegated String of Hearts

Updated: Aug 7, 2020

I got a Ceropegia woodii variegata for my birthday. This plant has been on the top of my wishlist and finally, I got an excuse to get one.

For those who are not familiar with this plant, it is more commonly known as String of Hearts or Rosary Vine. It originated from South Africa and it is a succulent. It is evergreen with trailing habit and with heart-shaped leaves. The underside can be pale green or pink for the variegated species and is more pronounced as it matures. The top of the leaves are darker green with lighter discolorations or spots.

Below is a picture of my variegated String of Hearts.

Grow Tips

  1. Use well-draining and porous growing media. The growing media I used is the same potting mix I got from my local shops that I use for my succulents mixed with vermiculite for additional drainage. One-part succulent potting mix plus one-part vermiculite.

  2. Water when the soil is dry. I usually water my succulents 3-4 times a month during spring and summer and lesser during winter and fall.

  3. Light. To get more “pink”, the plant needs to be “sun-stressed”. This is done by putting it in bright direct light. My plant is located on my wooden shelf close to the window so it gets bright light. During winter, I plan to put it under the grow light at night. Also, if you notice there are more gaps in between leaves, it means it needs more light.


Day 17

My variegated SOH (String of Hearts) have been under my care for 17 days now and I am happy that there are new shoots coming out with pink-tinge margins on the leaves. It seems happy with the care that it was getting. Also, I have only watered it twice since it arrived.


On this section, I will talk about the methods of propagation I have tried with my variegated SOH.

Moss Propagation I put it first on the list because it is undoubtedly the quickest method for me. Below are the steps on how I did it.

  1. Take a stem cutting by cutting straight below the node. It doesn’t matter how long it is.

  2. Take a leaf off from one side of the stem. Since the arrangement of leaves of the SOH is alternate, you can take one leaf from one side of each node. This step is not necessary but it can help the roots emerge easily.

  3. Put moss on a container and wet it. I used a glass and a black ceramic container and both developed roots around the same time. Moss should be kept moist.

  4. Cover with cling film and put in a spot with indirect light.

  5. Open cling film for an hour or two everyday. This is to let air exchange or O2 in exchange for CO2.

After 7 days, I got roots. I’m so happy as this is my favorite plant at the moment.

The pictures of the roots below were taken on 23/07 from the same stem cutting taken on 16/07.

I cant recommend this enough. Moss propagation has worked very well for me.

Also, if you noticed on the picture above, the root did not emerge from an empty node. That is why I think Step 2 is not necessary.

Soil Propagation

This method was started on 04/07 and so far, it hasn’t done anything. Anyways, here are the steps of how I did it. Maybe you can spot a thing or two that I might’ve done wrong here.

  1. Take a cutting by following Step 1 of moss propagation.

  2. Take some leaf off from one side of each node.

  3. Put soil mixture ( succulent potting mix with perlite) on a container. I used a plastic takeaway container. Then, moisten soil.

  4. Put the cuttings on top of soil and cover it with cling film. Remember to open the covering for an hour or two daily.

Water Propagation

Tried but I was impatient so I put it in soil. Might try again in the future so stay tuned for any new propagation method.

This blog will be updated with progress on my plant and on my propagation attempts.

I can't wait for it to grow and multiply and I will share more with you.

Comment below if you have any suggestions and advice on growing String of Hearts specially the variegated type. I'd love to learn more and hear your growing stories.


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